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For my last few newborn previews, I have included an adorable crying picture…There will not be one for this one! Little miss Maggie was AMAZING for our entire session! I was in awe! She is the first child for her parents and they waited to find out if she would be a boy or girl…and let me tell you that she is all girl!  For the half hour or so that she was awake, she was so gentle and dainty. All of her moves were so calm and sweet…just adorable!! Her soon-to-be best friend Jasper (her dog!), was so protective of her…and SO well behaved!!






I have been DYING to do these next pictures! I have had the chair for a while now and recently got the tutu!! I was just waiting on a sleepy baby and some nice outdoor weather and we hit the jackpot at this session!!  Seriously precious!!



When Jasper listened so well and jumped into the picture it was an added bonus!! Now Erin and Steve have their two babies in a picture together!

2011-06-01_008Her other soon-to-be best friend stopped by, and I couldn’t help but grab a couple pictures of her….those eyes (and the adorable outfit!) are AMAZING!! These two little girls will be quite the pair!

2011-06-01_007Our last picture of the day…a classic!


Erin and Steve…thank you so much for spending the morning with me! Steve, you couldn’t have been more welcoming from the moment I arrived (while Erin was feeding!)…and a big thanks for helping me load and unload all of my gear!

Congratulations to you both and to your whole family!

5 thoughts on “It’s a Girl | Rhode Island Newborn Photographer

  1. Oh Heather, the pictures are fabulous! Thank you for throwing my beautiful baby girl’s picture in there too! Love both of those girls!

  2. Oh my gosh! I am so in love with the pictures. I knew they would be wonderful but you went beyond my expectations. The wrinkled bum makes me laugh every time I look at that picture. Thank you!

  3. Heather, the pictures are simply beautiful! But we knew they would be:)

  4. Thank you so much girls!! You are a fantastic bunch of friends!! Erin, I am so happy that you love them!! Your gallery is ready today!!

  5. Just when I think you can’t possibly get any better Heather, you do! I am in love with these photos!

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