Featured Photographer | Massachusetts Wedding and Portrait Photographer

I am SO excited to announce that I am the first “Featured Photographer” at a new blog! The blog will be highlighting photographers from all over the United States, and the two fabulous ladies that are running the blog decided to start with Massachusetts…and chose ME!! All I can say is THANK YOU! I am so honored!  You can read the introduction and the interview at this link, http://featuredphotographers.wordpress.com/ . 

This will be one of the collages that you will see at the link…


Teresa and Lynette…Thank you for starting such a cool project, and a special thanks for starting with me!

2 thoughts on “Featured Photographer | Massachusetts Wedding and Portrait Photographer

  1. I am very Proud of you!!!
    Wish I could afford to hier you for my neices wedding here at my house but I haver to many other bills to help her pay!!!!!
    Really great Job Heather.

  2. This is the blog that I found you through….the photo on the bottom right is the one that made me say “This is who we need to photograph our wedding”

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