A Whirlwind of a Month | Naples, Florida

April has been a WHIRLWIND…In between shooting, meetings, and hard-core album making, I traveled to Florida for our annual springtime visit to see my parents. As soon as we returned back to Massachusetts, I took off again (literally by airplane…haha!!) to Indianapolis!

The second trip was for work…It was a photography workshop for two and a half days of non-stop photography (I am talking (9:30am to 1 in the morning!)! We went on a live shoot, covered editing, processing, posing tips and tricks, album design and overall good business practices. I have to say that I left the workshop with an overall great feeling…I felt justified that I am totally on the right track (what I am doing works!), I felt motivated to put some new things that I learned into action, and I felt excited for the 2011 season to come!

When I left the workshop, I had a list of “to-do’s” that I wanted to begin implementing, and one of those things involved this blog! Up until this point, I have primarily used the blog to give previews to clients. Although I will absolutely continue to do that, I also want to give you more…more of me. More of who I am. I want more of my personality to show through, and seeing I am not the most creative writer (that became extremely clear to me in high school!!), I need to do that with more pictures, stories, and posts!

SO….Starting right now, I vow to share a bit more!!  With that I am starting with a few pictures of MY kids….Yes…I actually do have children! You wouldn’t even know that because they haven’t made an appearance on here since I first started this blog! They are obviously a huge part of my life and I take pictures of them very often!

I have decided to share a few of my favorites from our trip to Naples a few weeks ago…It was filled with a lot of swimming – at the beach and at the pool!


They honestly can’t decide what they like better…the ocean or the pool! I just love to watch their jumping styles at the pool…Kelsi has just learned to jump away from the edge…She used to just walk right off, but now she does more of a leap…arms are always flying and mouth is always open!2011-04-22_024Tyler is an obsessive cannon-baller! Even off this low edge, he was able to quickly get into his cannon-ball position! I think that he just loves to make a big splash (which totally goes along with his confident personality!).2011-04-22_023

This next picture is a favorite of mine…As their mom it can be really hard to get a picture where they both cooperate! They are just so used to a camera (and my tricks!) that it isn’t a special event when the camera comes out and I say, “get together!”

I just love their pure happiness…They really do love each other…some moments more than others – haha, and this day at the beach was a good one…their common goal was staying above water (because we forgot their bubbles!), so they were a team against the water!2011-04-22_0222011-04-22_026


2011-04-22_018A final picture of ME with Tyler as a wave just crashed over us…I am so thankful that my husband will grab my camera and take some pictures of me with the kids! We have a little system…I set up all of the technical stuff and he just clicks away! Digital is GREAT for that!!2011-04-22_019

Thanks for reading and don’t forget that I LOVE to see some comments! It is fun to see who is peeking and no comment is ever too small!!

{If you have followed this blog, you may notice a slight change…The images are set up differently with the watermark on the bottom! I think this is going to be my new style…I am telling you…there will be lots of little changes to come! }

11 thoughts on “A Whirlwind of a Month | Naples, Florida

  1. Heather!!! Oh my goodness, your kids are ADORABLE!!! I’m so glad that you are going to be sharing more of your personal life, you are an incredible person! It was so great to meet you in Indy! I am excited to watch your business and family grow on the blog!!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Heather, your kids are beautiful and I’m happy to see that a picture of you snuck in! I love looking at your blog to see your gorgeous pictures!

  3. GREAT pictures sous!!! They are getting so big and Kelsey is such a beautiful little girl. So happy and proud of how well you are doing and how much work you are putting into your business. Great job, keep up the good work! love ya!

  4. LOVE them! You deserved a vacation and your kids are gorgeous! Diggin’ the new profile pic too! 😉

  5. Heather, I can’t believe how BIG your kids are getting! They are as adorable as ever. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photos. I’m always so afraid to bring my camera to the beach, between the sand and the water I’m always afraid of it getting wrecked. One question, do you sit at a distance with a zoom lens or are you really as close as the pictures make it look?

  6. Thank you for all of the comments and the kind words!! It is so nice to see so many friends and past clients are still checking in…I absolutely love it!!

    Maureen – These photos were all taken with my 24-70mm lens…it isn’t my favorite lens, but it is versatile for different distances, so I bring it when I travel. When I am near the water or at the beach, I try not to change lenses, but I have to say that this camera still has a slight sun tan lotion odor from my face being pressed to it!! I am pretty close to them for most of the pictures, but I am zoomed in on some and wider on some other ones…Hope that helps a bit!!

  7. Awesome pictures…well of course they’re awesome, you took them!! Your kiddos are so cute…they look like their gorgeous mommy!! The last photo is fantastic – how did you not lose your sunglasses?? 🙂

  8. I LOVE these photos!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Those kiddos of yours are beautiful, and look just like you!!

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