About Me


One of the first questions that I am often asked is whether or not, “Chick” is my real name and the answer is, YES! My name really is Heather Chick and it is pronounced exactly as it is spelled – just like an adorable tiny yellow baby chick:)! I think it actually suits me well because it makes everyone smile when they say it and that is the type of person that I am – happy and smiling:)!

Seeing I always find it hard to write about myself and seeing I always love the spread in US Weekly where they interview a celebrity and write “25 Things you Don’t Know About Me”, I thought I would do my own version here! Take a peek my 25 things:

 1.  Mom of two crazy, active, head-strong, out-going kiddos (age 13 and 11 currently) and growing way too fast!

2. Wife of one fantastically supportive husband (I started my business when my kids were under 3 and 1)!

3. Foxboro native and happily ended up closer to the ocean currently:)

 4. Lover of dessert – ANY dessert – I can’t even pick a favorite

 5.  Avid TV watcher (always on in the background while I edit:)

6. Tim Riggins crusher (Friday Night Lights was a FANTASTIC show)

7.  Mystery Solver (due to all my Criminal Minds, Manifest, How to Get Away with Murder, and Law and Order TV watching:)

8. Beach lover  – where I spend my one day a week away from the computer and electronics during the precious summer here in New England:)

9. Constant smiler – I just can’t help it – it is definitely just who I am:)

10. Scrapbooker – I started with my honeymoon and haven’t stopped – just need to find more time to do it!

11.  Open book – I will tell you anything:)

12. Chipotle eater – even after the scandals

13. Teacher – I have taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade (right out of college)

14. Sacred Heart University Grad and I have a masters from Lesley University too

15.  Naples, FL vacationer…growing up we went once every year and now that my parents moved there in 2001, I STILL visit there every year!

16. Fro-yo eater – it made a come back (from the TCBY days) and I was oh-so excited that it did:)!

17. Roulette player – definitely my game of choice when I make it to a casino!

18.  Boutineer pinner – As a teenager I worked for a florist (Judy’s Village Flowers in Foxboro) and one of my jobs while I was there was to deliver to weddings and pin boutineers…I never knew that I would be helping to pin boutineers all these years later but I can say that learned from the best:)!

19. Restaurant customer – I love to eat out (and I am not very picky about where – I can ALWAYS find something:)!.

20. Traveler – I love to travel – I want to see everything with my own eyes!

21. Broadway fan – I don’t make it to actual Broadway often, but I do bring my family to whatever comes to Boston!

22. Hoarder – Not officially, but I do have a bit of it in me:) I want to keep everything and preserve it! Clearly I like to document everything with my camera, but I want to keep the little things too – like the first locket of hair from my kids, our playbills from each show and every card my husband gives me:)

23.  Hockey fan – I grew up a football fan but my little guy took a liking to hockey – now I can’t wait to watch him in his next game – it is a fun sport to watch:)

24. Former lacrosse and field hockey player – I absolutely LOVED these sports (basketball, tennis and dance were also in the mix over the years:)

25. YOLO and FOMO believer:)  I stand by these two – “You Only Live Once” and “Fear of Missing Out” – I definitely live life to the fullest and use every minute and every hour of the day to fill our lives with fun adventures, new experiences and plenty of friends and family time!